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Doing Grocery Delivery in Pittsburgh since 2009

Craig C. 10/06/2018

This review is challenging to write, but only because I'll run out of space to adequately convey our heartfelt appreciation for what Best Grocery Delivery now means to our family.

It's rare indeed to find entrepreneurs today with the heart of a servant. Lisa most certainly is a shining example of just that spirit. Best Grocery Delivery is quite aptly named and has made helping my wife care for her aging parents from 700 miles away so much more complete. Receiving a photo of my in-laws & a quick text message after a recent delivery was wonderful.

We can't express our thanks to Lisa & Best Grocery Delivery enough!



I was searching for a delivery service for my elderly mother, as I am in Los Angeles and worry about her eating properly & having enough groceries. I came across this business & was impressed by the variety of items & stores covered and saw the many great reviews it had received.

I talked to Lisa before placing the delivery because I had concerns about items being left outside of my mothers building or my mother, who is in a delicate state, having to carry heavy groceries to her apartment. Lisa assured me that she would not only bring them to her apartment, but help put them away! Wait, what? 

She not only delivered on that promise, but took a selfie with mom before she left, which made me all warm & fuzzy. Lisa goes above & beyond for her customers and loves what she does. Her service really gives me peace of mind, as my mother has been ripped off before by businesses that don't even so much as bring every item that was ordered & paid for. Thank you, Lisa, for all that you do. I will definitely be utilizing your service again.

Tyra F.


My grandmother is 92 years old and lives alone. She's still very independent but grocery shopping is a hassle for her. Because I live in New Jersey, I was looking for an online grocery delivery service back home and found Best Delivery. The process of ordering is easy and convenient. The owner herself delivered the groceries to my grandmother and put them away for her! She also snapped a selfie and sent it to me which brought me to tears, because my Grammy looked so happy and surprised that I was able to do that for her. I will be using this service again and again!



I was searching for a way to send a specialty sandwich tray from Giant Eagle to a friend who just lost a loved one.  Surprisingly, I could not find any way to do this...until I found Best Grocery Delivery.  Their website did not show this item, so I emailed them asking if it would be possible.

I worked with Lisa to schedule this and it could not have been easier!  I will probably try them out for regular grocery delivery in the future as well.  But I am grateful to them for helping with this special case.



Lisa provides a great, reliable service--and always with a smile!  She'll shop for you in horrible weather, or a sunny day when you're recovering from surgery, or when life is simply to busy to do it yourself.  If you're looking for a product that she doesn't offer, ASK.  She's probably going to say SURE.

Jenn G


I have not words to describe how great has been to discover this company, we are from Fl and our son is studying at CMU, we needed to send him some groceries to his apartment, he is on an special diet and as a mother I was super concerned, Lisa was extra helpful accommodating our needs and even adding the products that we needed to the website for us to buy, she is ultra professional,walking the extra mile for her customers, no words to describe how grateful and pleased I am to have this chance to use her services.I Highly recommend Lisa if you have your kids at college and need to send them groceries or to anyone that needs a reliable, decent, professional, grocery delivery service that goes far and beyond for customers. Thank you Lisa!



I work for a company in downtown Pittsburgh and we couldn't be more thrilled with this service. Each week, Lisa brings us a big load of groceries for the office from Sam's Club and Giant Eagle. We frequently have parties and happy hours in our office and we need big quantities od foods and beverages. Lisa goes above and beyond to make sure we are able to get what we need for every event, in a very timely manner. We have asked Lisa for many special requests and she is always willing to go the extra mile to serve us. She is very responsive and a friendly, genuine professional.  I love this service!! I highly recommend!

 Amy M. Chapel Hill, N.C.


Can't say enough how thrilled I am to have found Lisa and her service. My 89 year old mom lives alone and can't always get to the store, so will often run low on groceries. Living in another state, I am often frustrated about how I can help her. 

Enter Lisa, ta dah!! Not only did Lisa bring the groceries into the house for my mom, but offered to put them away for her!! Then followed up with a nice note to me to say 'mission accomplished'. I am so grateful Lisa - not only that your business exists but also for who you are as a person. Many thanks. I will be a repeat customer for sure and will spread the word!


Easily the best part of breaking my foot was discovering this service. I'm able to keep up not only eating, but doing so healthily with the Ezekiel bread and proteins. Plus, since one of the stores I can order products from is Sam's Club, bulk fresh fruits and veggie trays have been a lifesaver. 

And most importantly, if I asked a friend or relative to shop at three different stores for very specific items for the 4 to 6 weeks before I can drive again, I probably wouldn't have a lot of calls returned at the end of it.  Lisa does all the amazing above, with a smile.  Using and loving Best Grocery Delivery now. Can't wait for the next excuse to use it again.

Lisa really went above and beyond for us!  I was home sick with my two young daughters (we all had the stomach flu) and we ordered groceries online through Best Grocery Delivery since we couldn't get to the store in our condition and really wanted some Pedialite for our 1.5 yr old.  

While normally there is not same day delivery, Lisa reached out and asked if we requested same day delivery because we had a sick child since she noticed the Pedialite on our grocery list.  Once learning that we did have a sick child, Lisa delivered our groceries the same day and even was able to get here earlier than she originally stated.  She brought the groceries inside to my kitchen for me and even left us a hand written "get well soon" card!!!  Lisa is a very thoughtful and caring person. I appreciate her personal touch and we were so grateful to her for all of her help that day!!

Due to husband's recent and debilitating illness and the fact that I myself am wheelchair bound, the task of grocery shopping became impossible.  Enter Lisa and her Best Grocery Delivery.  What an absolute God-send .  She is fast, thorough, courteous, friendly and on time. be.  Knowing that needed groceries are now merely a keystroke away means so much to us.  I HIGHLY recommend Lisa and her grocery service.  You will not be disappointed!!

My grandmother had oral surgery, and I used Best Grocery Delivery to send foods I knew she would be able to eat. With the age of my grandparents, I was worried they might not hear the doorbell, and with me being out of state, I was concerned about them being safe from the delivery driver too. I called and to my surprise, the owner answered. She explained she was on her way to handle the order herself personally, and even offered to send me a text to confirm. My grandparents adored her- she was polite, talked to them, made them feel safe, and all of the food was excellent quality. She text me a photo of my grandmother with the biggest smile! Thank you for the amazing service, and the extra personal touch! Highly recommend!

Really, if I could give this lady 10 stars, I would.  It's been a rough week. I've been sick with the plague. Okay, the common cold. But it's sixteen degrees outside and it feels like the plague. Having just moved back from out West, I haven't quite mastered the skill of driving in the snow. A couple of you have probably seen me on the news this winter. I'm that schmuck who gets stuck every time it snows who you make fun of. It's been snowing a lot. I was going to be screwed for groceries.  I had no food in the house for the weekend. Literally, I had ages old Oscar Meyer Bologna meat and spoiled milk. Whatever, I'm a usually active single gal who goes out to eat. Don't judge. 

Anyway, I was desperate. So, after hearing about this kind of service and swearing to myself that i would never be lazy enough to call for a grocery delivery, I called for a grocery delivery. Yesterday. As in, not even twenty four hours ago. 

I went to work today for the first time all week. Lisa texts me--- do you mind if I'm early? Mind if she's early? I love her already. 
I come home to find out that my dog has decided that it's a really good time to also be sick. Let's just say it was gross.  Then Lisa arrives. Friendly, smile on her face. Doesn't judge me for the state of my house. Apologizes for getting me the light Yoplait Yogurt instead of the regular kind. Are you kidding? I kind of wanted to give her a big hug for making my entire week, but my brother had already been making fun of me for having my groceries delivered. Until after Lisa left. Then he turns to me and goes, "this is kind of a cool idea." I'd like to nominate Lisa for Sainthood. Or at least, she should be recognized on the news. Instead of me, for being unable to drive in the snow. I might seriously use this service from now on. This is ten times better than running into students in the personal hygiene aisle at Giant Eagle.

A dear friend in Pittsburgh lost her father due to a sudden stroke, which put her in a desperate situation for the immediate next few days.  I was able to find and use Best Grocery Delivery to provide my friend and her family with a week's worth of groceries literally overnight.  I placed a large order late in the evening, and the full delivery arrived in the morning.  Lisa even called me early in the morning to confirm the delivery.  The speed, accuracy and customer service was absolutely amazing.  Lisa literally saved my friend from what could have been a disastrous situation in her time of need.  I just can't recommend Best Grocery Delivery enough!

Fantastic service!  My son was ill and unable to get to a grocery store so I searched on-line and came across Lisa's service.  I can't say enough about how kind, helpful and prompt Lisa was in fulfilling this "emergency" order.   All of the items were delivered within a couple of hours of placement and my son could not have been happier.  He said Lisa was "very cool" and definitely cheered him up.  I will use this service again and recommend it with full confidence that you will receive exceptional service.   Thanks again really eased this worried mom's mind!